About us

CARF Inter Consulting SRL is a consulting company registered in 2013. The Company specific approach is to develop a business in this field using internet as main link with its clients.

Our objective is to offer a new type of reports, studies, analysis covering economic and financial information, mainly interactive information, considering some aspects difficult to be obtained at present regarding Romanian economy. It is our intention to perform in developing specific reports with a higher utility for our clients, especially during the present difficult economic and financial conditions, one of the approaches being the connection between business and risk.

The interactivity principle applied to our reports was primarily taken into consideration when the company was created, this together with the fact that statistical interpretation for the economic and financial aspects is performed directly by the computer using specific programs.

The type of information we are offering to our clients and the specific presentation form allows them to get a better understanding over a number of risks that may affect their business, giving them a better vision on future developments. The reports have a structure and a dynamic approach allowing the interested entities to develop, according to their own needs the existent research, respectively based to given information. The interpretations offered by CARF Inter Consulting are meant to support our clients for such developments.

Thus, we may offer consulting support in developing the existent reports according to clients needs when we are asked to.

Our services are designed for small and medium enterprises as well as large ones, both in the country and abroad regardless the activity, and also to financial institutions or any other entity for which the economic and financial aspects specific to Romanian economy are of interest. 

Our goal is to ensure professional services of real quality to our partners based on our knowledge and experience accumulated along 28 years of activity in the field of analysis, economic prognoses and risk management. We covered these aspects at company level (6 years – economic analysis), government level (7 years – analysis and economic and financial forecasting) and banking (15 years – risk management).


The interactive approach define our clients as our partners in the analysis process and our desideratum is that our work be of real support in taking decisions process and not simple studies, reports or information with a general perspective and a limited fructification.

Refer to CARF Inter Consulting and its products to get convinced that studies developed on large data basis and a wide analytical approach may be easily used at extremely low prices compared to the ones of well known providers in the field.

Choosing our products you will find out that many of our products are quite unique and the interpretation and analysis are multidisciplinary.

We are glad that you visited our site and we hope for a fruitful and long lasting collaboration.


CARF Inter Consulting