Population savings capacity represent an information that may by useful not only for banks strategies in attracting financial resources but also to other participants to economic life. A population with an increasing level of savings may suggest a period of development, with a larger propensity for consumption and investment, reasons for an optimistic business plan. On the other side a slight enhance of savings, accompanied by a decline in consumption and investment may draw an adverse picture, a regressive economic cycle and a restrictive business plan. The present report allows an improved appreciation of the impact of a number of environmental factors over the savings process at population level by separating the territorial influences (namely by county). For a better understanding and also for an improved correlation of influences, the system transposes the calculation results in one coefficient. Thus, the interested companies can follow an evolution of population savings potential over regions considering the historical data made available by this site. This type of comparison between counties is quite unique on Romanian market. The interpretation of these data is available in the report. In order to have a correct appreciation over the increase / decrease in the savings process as a positive or negative impact on business plans is important to access also the RISK section.