Information on risk coverage rate at companies level may be useful not only at the banking level for their lending strategies but also for the other participants at economic life. A county with companies facing an increasing risk coverage rate may indicate a good economic climate, promising perspectives, and balanced developments, reasons for a company with business relations in the territory to built an optimistic business plan. In the same time a rapid growth of the risk coverage rate may suggest a declining appetite to access new loans, a fear determined by a difficult economic climate, aspects that rise suspicions regarding business in the area. Present reports (see DEMO) allow an appreciation on the influence determined by the environmental factors over the companies risk coverage rate in a territorial approach. For a better understanding and also for an improved correlation of influences, the system transposes the calculation results in a coefficient format. Thus, the interested companies can follow the evolution of the risk coverage rate over regions considering the historical data made available by this site. This type of comparison between counties is quite unique on Romanian market. The interpretation of these data is available in the report. In order to have a correct appreciation over the increase / decrease of the risk coverage rate as a positive or negative impact on business plans is important to access also the RISK section.