This product may be used by financial institutions and companies, especially the ones that have a direct relation to population. A higher risk coefficient may indicate a decline in population capacity to generate financial resources, to increase savings in order to allow a sustainable access in buying new products/ services / or make investments. The imbalances at the population budgets level in a region may be significantly higher compared to other regions, thus being associated to lower risk coverage. Considering such an approach the banks are to expect a credit reduction, and in the same time a decline in saving deposits together with an increase in overdue loans, while, retail companies are to expect a reduction of sales. The drawback in the business activity is easily to be perceived by following the dynamics of impact factors and also the comparison between counties. Details developed by the system allow a better separation of factors influence and a good appreciation of impact segments.    Separate analysis cover: - the risk associated to population considering the access to finance, the risk associated to population considering the savings approach, the comparative situations between counties.