Economic and financial forecasts

Prevision issues have captured increasing attention in present days, especially in periods with an instable economic and financial environment, when the large majority of participants to the economic life could not imagine with a somewhat accurate predictability how environmental factors may affect them in the future .

In this context, based on models and data analysis referring to factors linked to specific processes, CARF Inter Consulting aims to generate "pulled forecast", allowing a prediction as correct as possible for our customers regarding the perspectives.


These projections will refer to a number of parameters on which we can generate databases and information that can be "treated" by models. These models have to define results that express fairness, uniformity in approach, and continuity in time.

These forecast models are intended to create a guidance and does not generate in any way a firm conclusion on the future evolution of the phenomena analyzed. They are supposed to offer the trend. Thus, where possible, the system would generate probabilities concerning the future evolutions of the phenomena in question.